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How to Use Cleanup Mode in My Data Portal

Cleanup Mode

Cleanup Mode will allow you to easily delete orphaned files. 

A cleanup runs automatically once a week.

  1. Log into the My Data Portal.
  2. On the dashboard, scroll down to the Device List.
  1. Click Manage next to the system from which you wish to add or remove files/folders. (Note: The system must have the status: Connected).
  2. On the My Files section, click on the Orphaned files button.
  1. Expand the drives to see which have orphaned files/folders.
  2. Select the files/folders you wish to delete and click on the icon.
  3. If you agree with the files/folders selected, click on the Yes, delete button. If you selected any file/folder by mistake, click on the next to it to remove it from the items to be deleted. (Note: This will put the selected data into a queue to be removed. Allow some time for the removal of the orphaned data to complete)