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How to Restore Your Data in My Data Portal

Restoring Data

  1. Log into the My Data Portal.
  2. On the dashboard, scroll down to the Device List.
  1. Click Manage next to the system from which you wish to restore data.
  2. On the My Files section, locate the file/folder you wish to restore.
  1. Select the files/folders you wish to restore by clicking on the checkbox next to them.
  2. Click on the download button () that is on the top of the My Files section.
  3. On the popup window, select the date you want to restore the data from using the calendar option .
  1. Review the files/folders to be download. You can click on the to remove any folder/file from the download selection.
  1. When ready, click on the Download button to start creating your cart file, which will be found in the Download section (top right side of the page).
  1. When the file is available, click on the button to download it.