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How to Set your Email Preferences

Data Deposit Box sends you email alerts on backup issues, by default. This way you will automatically know if there is an issue with backups not running. For further details you can enable Backup Reports to keep informed with daily summaries.

To set up your Email Preferences click on the circle in the top right corner with your initial and select Email Preferences from the menu.

Email Alerts

By default Email Alerts are enabled and keep you informed if the service is not backing up. If you receive an email alert, please check if the Data Deposit Box software is running on the specified device. For further assistance please reach out to Customer Support by replying to the Alert email.

More about How to Troubleshoot Inactive Systems.

You can disable the alerts at your risk. Please keep in mind, we are not responsible for your system not backing up. These alert emails are to protect you from potential data loss. The functionality of our backup service can be affected by people or software on the computer at any time.

Backup Reports

To receive a daily system summary daily in your inbox, you can enable Backup Reports. These reminders serve as protection for your data from physical damage or hardware failure. Those reports will keep you up to date with backing up processes of all your services in your account.