You can add a new customer to your partner account following the steps below:

1) Log into

2) Click Customers

From this screen you will have several options for adding a new customer account. 

Manual Creation

1) Click  at the top of the page.

2) Select the type of account you wish to create:

Note: If you are wholesale you will skip this step

3) Fill in the Required Fields

Note: you must file in fields with red asterix(*) 

4) Click  at the top of the page to finish creating the account.

Partner Sign Up Link

Using the link at the top of the Customers page you can send this to your customer base and they can then sign up for an account.

These free trials will be signed up under your Partner Account.

Bulk Sign Up

To sign up a bulk of customers you can click

You will have two options here

Single Customer

You can add a single customer by clicking

You can then enter there Name and Email address and have an email sent out  to sign up to a trial by clicking

Bulk Upload


You can add a bulk upload of customer data by clicking

Following the formatting described you can then click

Then select the .CSV file you wish to upload and we will send out the trial invitation for this associated with your account.