1)Log into the mydata portal 

2)Place Check next to the system you wish to modify the settings for.

3)Click Settings at the top of the page. 

4)From the following page you can modify the systems Protection Level, Backup Throttling and Settings

Protection Level

Here you configure how many versions of a file you wish to keep and the delay between versions in hours.

Backup Throttling

Here you can configure CPU/Bandwidth Throttling if the you find slow downs on your computer. You can also configure the backups to suspend while the system is in use as well as hide the incon in your system tray. 


Here you can configure a Friendly Name to easily Identify your system as well. You can also configure the days until inactive system alerts and turn on the option to allow live link access to the system.

5)Once done configuring your settings click Save at the top of the page.